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Lancaster Parts & Equipment

Lancaster Parts & Equipment e-commerce site

Using woocommerce, created a custom solution to meet the clients request for a parts diagram that highlights the part for sale while maintaining responsive design.

  lancasterpartsandequipment_com_parts_shop_a-c-parts  lancasterpartsandequipment_com_parts_shop_a-c-parts_mobile

JB Zimmerman

Responsive update to previously table built site using bootstrap and the designers custom grid which had already been used to update some interior content.

Features two menus. The “Department” menu includes a mega nav at desktop size. Appliance pages also feature slide out side nav for filtering.

www_jbzimmerman_com_full_home - Copy  www_jbzimmerman_com_details_asp_mobile www_jbzimmerman_com_phone_home www_jbzimmerman_com_details_mobile



MP Amusement

Retro fitted site which had previously been built in HTML tables using bootstrap.

www_mpamusement_com_desktop   www_mpamusement_com_mobile

Kool Dri Rainwear

Converted ecommerce site to responsive design with bootstrap and original designers custom grid

www_kooldrirainwear_com_desktop www_kooldrirainwear_com_mobile

Freedom Ranger Hatchery

Custom shopping cart integrating multiple vendors with separate CIM accounts to split payments depending on product purchase. Custom shipping date selector based on individual merchant shipping days.

Site w/e-commerce was retrofitted for responsive design using a combination of bootstrap and the original designers custom grid.